We can now live stream your wedding so your guests can share your special day from the safety of their own home.

We have invested in the top of the range smart technology cameras.

RightLight technology with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) prioritises faces over objects and surfaces, optimises light balance, and fine-tunes colour and saturation for natural results across all skin tones. The result is a balanced image that renders participants in flattering light with reduced glare and softer shadows, even in dim or backlit conditions.

RightSound is a suite of audio processing technologies and design innovations that deliver enterprise-class sound to video conferences. Optimized for the human voice, RightSound reduces unwanted noises (like fans and keyboard clicks) and zeroes in on the active speaker to convey their every word with remarkable clarity. An advanced speech detector algorithm even auto-boosts the volume of quiet talkers so every voice is heard.

We also provide you with a copy of the footage to watch again and again.

This is not just a static camera, this camera will follow you down the Isle, zoom in and out, move from person to person and follow you back down the Isle, good right.

If you would like more information just drop us a message and we will be happy to help.